Wax Melt Safety Information

Our wax melts are safe to use in both tea light and electric wax burners/warmers. The length of time our wax melts last will vary depending on your burner and room size. If using a traditional tea light burner, our wax melts should last for roughly eighty hours.
How to use 

Remove your melt from the packaging, break off one heart cube (or two for a stronger smell) and place it in the well of your burner. Light your tea light and sit back while the beautiful fragrance fills your room. Unlike candles, the wax does not disappear, so after your tea light has gone out allow the wax to fully harden and your burner to cool. You can then remelt with a new tea light or change it if all the fragrance has disappeared.

Important safety information
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended and avoid moving your burner once lit. If you do need to move your burner after it's been lit please do so carefully and hold it at the bottom.
  • Position your burner on a stable, heatproof surface away from children, pets and soft furnishings. 
  • Always allow your wax melt to completely harden in between burns.
  • To remove your wax melt just light another tea light and wait a few seconds so it melts slightly. You should then be able to pop the melt out, wipe the bowl with a cotton ball and replace your melt. 
  • Never leave a tea light burning under an empty burner it will get too hot and may crack.
  • Never use sharp or metal objects to remove hard wax from your burner, it may break. Use the melt method.
  • Never pour molten wax down the sink!
  • Store your melts in their packaging out of reach of pets and young children.